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Catering From Utah Valley To Salt Lake City

Custom Catering has evolved to a full-service catering for over 60 years. We have brought many skills and talents from food service experience, wedding planning, and event coordination. Our experience and expertise accumulated from years in the market, and now we bring this finely tuned tradition to you.

When our Great, Great, Great, Grandfather began making candy in the basement of his mercantile store in Manchester England, he had no idea his posterity would carry on his name in the land he dreamed of going to. We are proud to continue this legacy and hope that we can make the services that we offer mean something to you and your legacy.



Hyrum Knapp is the oldest of the nine children born to and adopted by Carl & Lynnae (Startup) Knapp. From the age of 12 he began working in his parents catering business in Southern California. Each of the children, as they grew, participated in performing the usual weekly tasks after school. Beginning on Mondays, these tasks included cleaning the bathrooms, doing leftover dishes from the weekend, and scraping gum off the carpets. Through the week, in preparation for the events of the coming weekend, there were napkins to fold, places settings to set at tables, centerpieces to arrange, and food to prepare. As the oldest, Hyrum learned nearly every aspect of the business, including cooking the entire menu, by age 16. At age 13 he began preparing more simple things like cutting fruit and cooking vegetables. Soon he learned how to make all the sauces from scratch, and began baking many of the wedding cakes his father would decorate. He was only 16 when his parents left him in charge of a full weekend of events while they vacationed in The Bahamas! (To alleviate potential concerns on the part of Brides or their mothers, there were supervisors who handled the public view of the business while he was preparing everything in the background). By age 18, Hyrum was both supervising events, and also beginning to learn the sales aspect of catering.
Six years younger than Hyrum is the next boy in the family, Joseph. While Joseph also came up through the “rank and file” of the catering clan, his expertise was more realized in the kitchen. He discovered that his easy going temperament lent itself to establishing a pleasant atmosphere in an otherwise intense environment, as a catering kitchen certainly can be. Joseph has spent significant time in other food related businesses as he has honed his cooking skills, and is perfectly primed for the task of creating cuisine that will delight hosts and guests of all types of events.
Although raised in Southern California, the brothers have found themselves in Utah, where the family penchant for food services originally began. Hyrum approached Joseph about returning to their roots in catering, and very quickly the business began to take shape. They have reunited in the creation of the Utah business, Custom Catering.

For a more detailed 170 year history of the Startup family name, click here.


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